1. Bullet   Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals (BJJ Fundamentals):

  1. -This is our most important class. We believe in the basics, and that without the basics one cannot advance in BJJ. Our curriculum of techniques will have us focus on a certain number of moves on the first half of the month, and variations on the second half. So it is important that we have these classes available for everyone.

  1. Bullet   Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Advanced (BJJ Advanced):

  1. -This class is off limits for beginners and plain blue belt students. Once you collect a stripe on your blue belt or above, then you may come to this extra class program which covers an extensive curriculum of advanced techniques that will greatly improve your game, focusing on standing up, ground attacks, and escapes of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

  1. Bullet   Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu All Levels (BJJ All Levels):

  1. -As the name implies, this class is open to all belt levels, including beginning white belts. We either reinforce the Fundamentals curriculum, or more often than not, we improvise with techniques that are applicable by both advanced and beginner students. In this class, white belts get to roll with higher ranks, thus getting a feel for what is to come down the road in their BJJ career.

  1. Bullet   MMA/Conditioning:

  1. -At this moment, MMA training is on hold. We hope to add this program back to our schedule soon...

  1. Bullet   NoGi All Levels:

  1. -At this moment, NOGi training is on hold. We hope to add this program back to our schedule soon. For those interested in rolling without the Gi, we recommend the Saturday morning Open Mat class.

  1. Bullet   4 to 6 Years Old:

  1. -The Tiny Champions program is designed to introduce Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to your children. Exercises done in class are designed to help them gain better balance and coordination. They will improve their motor skills and learn to focus and respect those that are leaders over them in a fun environment that mixes games and drills to keep them interested. No submission holds will be introduced at this age group.

  1. Bullet   7 to 10 Years Old:

  1. -The Little Champions program is your child’s first contact with the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They will learn how to beat strength with the use of leverage, positional control, and submission attacks. Their self-esteem increases, they learn how to defend themselves and their loved ones, and they will get much needed exercise and flexibility. We work with case-by-case situations, so you might see a 6 year old in this class and an 11 year old might be graduating from this program.

  1. Bullet   11 to 15 Years Old:

  1. -The pre-teens and teens group is known as Junior Champions. Here they will be prepared for the adults classes that will be available to them by the time they turn 16 years old. Once they are 16, their ranking system automatically changes to the adult ranking system and they will be promoted  during the adult classes.

  1. Bullet   Parents Night Out:

- At RMBJJ Association we hold a “Parents Night Out”. On Parents Night Out, you will drop off your child/children at 6:30pm. Enjoy the evening, go out, have a nice dinner, catch a movie at the local theater and pick up your child/children by 9:30pm. While you are having a much deserved good time, your child/children will be at a safe environment, playing games, doing crafts, having snacks and pizza, and watching a movie for cool down time before you come to pick them up. We will keep you posted about the dates and schedules.

Tiny Champions Program

These 4 to 6 year olds learn the value of respect and honor, learning to respect their leaders, parents and elders. They learn patience and good behavior, being rewarded at the end of each class for their positive actions.